Magic Folk is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. Follow our swole Druid, axe wielding Bird Barbarian, hopelessly geeky Bard, and - for some time - impulsive Dragonborn Wizard as they travel through the kingdom of Ossul and beyond. Our ‘Rowdy Party’ aspires to both deeply move you and make you cackle with a character driven, joke heavy, mechanic light adventure featuring original music by Victoria Watkins & Kyle Bruenning.

Magic Folk Podcast cover art showing Sindre with Freyja the snowy owl, Kiss, and Bernan

We believe in the importance of representation. Collectively, our players are non-binary, genderfluid, pansexual, Jewish, neurodivergent, and more. We feel that our personal voices are important, and also seek to include player characters and NPCs representing marginalized identities.