Picture of Corrine smiling and holding their black and white cat, Liz
Digital painting of Gomec The Paladin

Dungeon Master | Corrine Beck | They/Them

By day an engineer, but by heart a content creator, Corrine is Magic Folk’s non-binary DM and editor. As a fan of both horrific and whimsical themes, they often draw inspiration from media like Dark Souls and They Might Be Giants when writing for Magic Folk. During their free time, Corrine loves going to see movies, playing video games, yelling about being trans, and making weird noises at their cats.

Corrine determines the environments, puzzles, and traps our players find themselves in as well as any number of non-player characters that they may socialize and interact with. Using character voices (some performed better than others) to enhance immersion, they bounce between conveying goofy, stoic, friendly, and frightening personalities in the world of Magic Folk. Every character is, in some way, a self-insert who they deeply relate to. A couple of their favorite NPCs are Gomec the Jewish Paladin, and Ödlen the genderfluid dragonborn rogue.

Digital painting of Sindre Svansen
Animal crossing avatar representing Becca Bowen

Sindre Svansen | Becca Bowen | She/Her

Sindre Svansen is a reluctant druid from a distant village in the North: a vast, segmented kingdom where wandering warriors are the norm. Reserved and observant, he comes across as a bit stoic, but has a cheeky side once he gets to know people. Accompanied by his snowy owl friend Freyja, he’s on a journey to find his place in the world.

Becca is a writer with a penchant for puns and an unhealthy love for 1993’s Super Mario Bros Movie. She first played Dungeons and Dragons in 2013 where she played (shocker) a human druid with a bird friend. When she isn’t over-analyzing the plot of Magic Folk, Becca enjoys birdwatching, stargazing, and playing video games.

Digital painting of Kiss Red-Kil
Photograph of Kyle Bruenning

Kiss Red-Kil | Kyle Bruenning | He/Him

Kiss Red-Kil is a barbarian and proud of it! He’s an aarakocra who loves to show his strength and prove that he’s the best at everything he does. After reaching adulthood at the age of three, Kiss left his home in Quekkia to collect shiny things to fill his nest. Now that he’s four, he loves a good joke, especially when the timing isn’t the most practical. Kiss joined the group when he was trapped in Yard Sard Cave, and the Rowdy Party wouldn’t be rowdy without him.

Kyle is a musician and co-founder of Percussionisms, a percussion ensemble. As a performer and patron of contemporary classical music, he’s always looking for an opportunity to share his passion with others. You can hear some of his music in Magic Folk! Aside from playing a variety of characters in Dungeons and Dragons, Kyle enjoys reading comics, playing video games, and supporting the arts.

Digital painting of Bernan Leadsetter
Photography of Victoria Watkins

Bernan Leadsetter | Victoria Watkins | They/She

Bernan Leadsetter is a bard and fairly new to adventuring to say the least. A printer by trade, he crafted an instrument under mysterious circumstances and emblazoned it with his own name. After spending nearly the last decade raising his sisters and running his family’s business, he’s finally out of the house and ready to experience the world. Although anxious, Bernan always tries to put his best foot forward and win people over with his gentlemanly charm. Sometimes he just screams though.

Victoria is a genderfluid visual artist with a knack for all things creative; it’s thanks to her that the world of Magic Folk exists! She launched her brand StarStar Party in 2017 and is the composer behind many of the songs in Magic Folk. Victoria is a fan of cuteness and positivity, and loves video games, crafting, and learning new things.