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Ep 0: Newcomers Start Here!

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Episode Zero of Magic Folk and thank you so much for joining us. Magic Folk is a queer-led, actual-play D&D podcast with pseudo-modern elements and a whole lot of heart. Whimsical by default, the story focuses on the characters and how they interact with the world as well as the people around them. Join the Rowdy Party as they tackle humorous, absurd and sometimes chilling scenarios, and work together to take down a greater evil that plagues the land.

My name is Corrine I will be our dungeon master for this adventure – that’s DM for the uninitiated. And I am here, today, to go over a few things for new listeners. First, I just want to say that you do not need prior knowledge of tabletop roleplaying games to enjoy our show. We tend to focus on roleplaying over game mechanics but we also play quite fast and loose with the rules when we have to use them. We do our best to explain what is going on mechanically, but for anyone who is brand new to this type of game, I will give an extremely brief overview: The only rule of D&D is that you roll a die to do something, and the outcome of that roll determines whether you succeed or fail. Everything else is basically a more complex dice roll, with more math and more parameters. That’s it. We roll dice, I control the setting and a wide cast of non-player characters, while my players – Becca, Kyle, and Victoria – control only their own characters. On our journey, we’ll roll a whole bunch of dice to determine  successes and failures when the player characters are interacting with the world that I control as the DM.

You can think of Magic Folk, or any tabletop RPG podcast, as a semi-improvised audio novel that is written in accordance to a set of rules. At the end of the day, we’re just telling a story using dice.

I also just want to comment on the fact that, while I am the dungeon master for this campaign, Magic Folk  is set in a world lovingly crafted by Victoria Watkins, who plays Bernan Leadsetter on the show. Magic Folk also sometimes features my take on characters who Victoria created. Without the effort they put into worldbuilding, we’d be playing this game in generic fantasy-land as opposed to the vibrant, rich and detailed world that I use as a framework to write the campaign. With that being said, there is nothing about the world at large that you need to know as a prerequisite to our show. Everything important will be explained, I promise, and I oftentimes take liberties that are not compliant with existing lore in order to better fit a tabletop roleplaying experience. You can think of this tale as a sort of alternate universe, AU, for the original Magic Folk lore. 

I also just want to let you know that we laugh a whole lot on Magic Folk. We are constantly joking around and going on oftentimes rather adult comedic tangents, though we do our very best to never punch down with our comedy. But when we’re not goofing off, we also grapple with some heavier themes including violence, loss, grief, anxiety, death, sexuality, and family. Magic Folk, at times, also draws inspiration from horror as a genre, and we may describe imagery that is frightening or unsettling to you, so please use your discretion.

Throughout the show we’ve provided a few content warnings for the most severe moments that listeners may find disturbing. Starting at Episode 43, all episodes will also contain audio content warnings, as well as timestamped content warnings in the episode description. We do plan on working through our backlog and making every episode compliant.

So with all of that being said, I will hand it off to our players to introduce themselves and their characters! 


Hi, I’m Kyle, and I play Kiss the barbarian. He’s a Bird Barbarian. And when I say Bird, I mean, he’s a Aarakocra – there’s these bird people. He’s just a big red boy who’s rowdy and I love him. The existence of this species wasn’t really in Tori’s stories, so he’s kind of an isolated culture. I inserted him in my own little way so he’s just new to most of the things he’s experiencing. (as Kiss) And he sounds like this! He talks kind of funny and I’m Kiss the Barbarian and I like to hit things with my axe! (as Kyle) So, yeah!


Hi, I’m Victoria and I play Bernan, The Human Bard. He is a big, old dweeb and he kind of reluctantly goes on this adventure. It’s not really his choice, but he does it anyways. He isn’t really experienced in Barding, he actually has a background in being a artisan. He works at his family’s printmaking shop, making books and posters and things like that, but he has a weird instrument that we had to homebrew into Dungeons & Dragons, which we all know is an accordion. Canonically, we still haven’t had him name it that yet, but he plays that and he also finds a really cool sword which he’s pretty proud of. (as Bernan) Bernan sounds kind of like this. He’s a big, old, cartoonish nerd and he doesn’t have a lot of friends until he starts his adventure and I don’t really know if everybody else considers them his friend, but he’s their friend in his mind. (as Victoria) So, yay Bernan!


Hi, my name is Becca and I’m playing the role of Sindre, the Human Druid. He’s from an area called The North, which is kind of like Scandinavia in our world. This makes him a foreigner. (as Sindre) So he speaks with a bit of an accent. (as Becca) He also has a snowy owl friend named Freyja.


Hey, everyone. I am Alex, I play a Dragonborn Wizard named Claire. I think she’s pretty interesting. She is little bit impulsive. Well, a lot a bit impulsive. She has a ravenous appetite and she’s also over 600 years old. She got into some stuff 600 years ago, which may or may not become relevant at some point in the tale. So she sounds (as Claire) kind of just like me with a higher pitched voice. I’m doing my best to imitate what someone like Claire, who is a little particular, might sound like. I enjoy long walks on the beach over mounds of skulls and straight vodka.

(as Alex) That’s Claire.


Corrine here, I’m back! A few more things to note as you dive into our story. First, for the sake of transparency, we have re-edited and remastered the first few episodes of the show to give listeners a more accurate early representation of what Magic Folk becomes. We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into producing this thing in the beginning but we quickly hit our stride in a few episodes. We’ve also had the privilege to upgrade our audio equipment, both hardware and software, throughout the first year of the show. So any rough spots you may notice related to audio quality get ironed out as the show progresses. 

Also for the sake of transparency, one of our cast members, Alex Couch who plays Claire the Dragon, parted ways with the Magic Folk team at Episode 22. With that being said, I’m more than satisfied with Claire’s arc and I believe we created some truly hilarious and touching moments together. 

And for the sake of transparency once again, I wanted to let you know that I recently changed my name to Corrine. For the first 43 episodes of this show you will hear me referred to by a different name. Moving forward, if we interact somewhere on the internet – which I really hope we do if you’re listening to the show – please kindly use my name, Corrine, and not that OLD, WORN OUT name with all the holes in it, that hardly fits anymore. 

Lastly, both of our lovely pieces of cover art, our theme song and much of our in-show music and foley were also created by Victoria Watkins, along with original music by our very own Kyle Breunning. I just want to thank both of you for the very visible work you put into the show, and I also want to thank Becca Bowen for all of the invisible work you do behind the scenes. And a very special thank you to all of our listeners, new and old. We hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we do. Roll credits!

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Hello, and thank you so much for listening to this episode of Magic Folk! We hope you enjoyed, and if you did, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MagicFolkPod, or you can visit our website at If you’d like to support the show, the number one thing you can do right now is rating and reviewing us on iTunes, or just simply telling your friends who you think might enjoy it. This episode of Magic Folk was created by Corrine Beck, Becca Bowen, Kyle Breunning, Alex Couch and Victoria Watkins, with characters and world also by Victoria Watkins. See you next time!

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