Ep 2: This. Is. Not. Great.

[Theme Music Playing]

Corrine: Last time on magic folk.

Corrine: We have some intel from Jeeve Stobbs. It's a cave called Yard Sard Cave.

Victoria: Okay, so you see a guy, he's got a strange thing.

Kyle: Kiss is a very large, red, bird man.

Alex: Claire charges at him!

Kyle: I'm going to throw 1 of my hand axe -I have a hand ax as well.

Becca: And so he's gonna lean down and kind of scratch the ground and say,

Sindre: It's okay, little guy come here!

Kiss: Can you tell me where the sky went?

Claire Just don't ever throw a fucking axe at me again!

Corrine: and there's a second of hissing and then an explosion. A pale, red, circular rift emanates and 1 by 1 you're swallowed.

[Theme music fades]

Corrine: Okay, so you're all falling through this weird, pale, red, ethereal tube that just opened up in space in this cave. And, uh, it's just this red portal. And as you fall in, Gomec's the first to go in. He's kind of laying on the wall kind of by this pocket of air still. And his -Gomec's armor charms almost like a bell. Um, just for a split second, it's just like 'Ching' and the details in his armor are tinted red. Gomec's falling, but while he does, so he unsheathes his sword and he pulls out his shield bracing for impact, but he faints.

Becca: How's everybody else doing emotion wise? Out of character, How is everybody? How are we doing?

Kyle: Oh I was pretty distressed that the gem broke, cause I was gonna add that to my nest as well.

Becca & Corrine: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing] Well we need to find out where we are because at the moment I'm pretty sure Bernan is full on panic attack.

Alex: Claire is really concerned about this monkey.

Kyle & Becca: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing] You're upset because you didn't get to eat it?

Alex: Yeah!

Becca: All I was gonna say was, um, if anyone is distressed, Sindre's gonna kind of like, uh, air swim over to you and you just give me a little hug. He's pretty good at comforting people.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: Here's my question is like how long are we falling through this? Like is it before we realize it or is this like a while?

Corrine:[Laughing] Well, let me just start by saying that Bernan immediately faints.

Victoria: [sarcastically] Oh, thanks!

Becca: Oh.

Corrine: Basically as soon as the tunnel reaches his feet, he's out. Unconscious. So Bernan doesn't know.

Becca: Yeah, Sindre's going to go over because he's a scrawny boy. He's going to wrap him up and try to help break the fall. Wherever we ended up falling out at.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: make an athletics check as you kind of try and like skydive maneuver your way over to Bernan.

Becca: Yeah, we're swimming, we're swimming through air!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: Athletics. Oh I am proficient in that! 15!

Corrine: so you manage to swim your way over to Bernan and you grab him and you're just sorta cradling him as his feet stick out to the right of you as you fall face forward through this tunnel. Maybe like pet his head a little softly.

Becca: Yeah!

Corrine: But as you're falling, Sindre, you're able to stay conscious and you notice something very, very strange that you've never seen anything like this before. These giant big blocky words pass by you as though somebody wrote messages on the walls of this tunnel. Except they're not on the walls as they kind of pass through the center of the cave. They're flying at you like bullets almost, but they don't hit you. They don't do any damage. And the words 1 by 1 read: THIS period IS period NOT period GREAT period.

Victoria: [Laughing]

Becca: I'll take that that's the truth and not the lie.

Corrine: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing] No Shit!

Alex: This is like in the ether?

Corrine: Yeah, just in the ether!

Victoria: Yeah does Claire see them?

Corrine: Nope. Claire enters the tunnel and she's able to resist a little bit more than Bernan is, but after a second or 2 in there, she faints too. Kiss, you're awake. You're kind of calm and you're meditative in a weird way, considering you were just in a cave for who knows how long, trying to escape and see the sky.

Kyle: Yeah!

Corrine: It's maybe because you're used to falling and used to flying. And Kiss, you envision yourself as a child in your parents' nest and you look down from your nest and you see your dad just fucking beating the shit out of this other adult bird.

Victoria: Holy Crap.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: That's illegal!

Corrine: It's a consensual fight. It's like a boxing match.

Kyle: Mhm

Corrine: It's training. It's practice, but he's just wailing on this guy! He's wrecking 'em, and eventually they kind of laugh and shrug it off and tap hands and and it's all in good fun.

Kyle: Mhm.

Corrine: Uh, Whether or not this actually happened is up to you. Is it a memory? Is it a vision?

Kyle: I'd say it was a memory. That sounds right.

Corrine: Cool.

Kyle: Sounds like something.

Corrine: And you do maintain consciousness. Bernan while you're unconscious, you have a vision and it's just blackness at first, but then this glowing gray figure emerges from the shadows and it's kind of a faint glow, but it's not enough to make out any details about it. Almost as -as though you're looking at somebody through fog. But of course there is no fog and it's -it's oddly beautiful. But then these distorted, charred black hands emerge from the gray mass within these hands is a glowing gray stone. Very similar to the gemstone that you saw that was crushed by the boulder that brought you here. The stone suddenly vanishes from the figure's hands in an instant, and you notice that the hands of changed and they're -the left hand is making the symbol 3 with its thumb, i's first finger and it's second finger.

Victoria: Hmmmmmmm

Corrine: That's about it, I think. Claire, you fainted and nothing happens when you awaken on the other side, you don't really recall anything. Sindre and Kiss retained consciousness. Everybody emerges from the other end of this tube and you land on what is right now an unknown surface to you. It's kind of chaos going on around you. You just get a sense that this is not good. You're not in a great place. It may not be safe. Sindre you're shaken from the impact, but you actually see Gomec fall through the surface that you're on. He lands with an impact and, uh, maybe his arm armor cuts through it a little bit and manages to crumble a little hole where he is and he falls through. But as this happens, Claire, although unconscious, instinctually reacts and grabs Gomec's shield, but she's too weak and of course not awake so Gomec falls through. Claire keeps Gomec's Shield.

Becca: Is it paper machete?

Alex You gotta give Claire a little more credit than that, come on, she's pretty strong.

Corrine: She is asleep though.

Victoria: What is going on?

Corrine: Don't worry. This is almost the end of the exposition. I'm sorry, this is a lot, I know. Sindre and Kiss you land. The impact causes you to faint. You've stayed awake through the tunnel, but you land in this chaotic room and the impact causes you to faint and you all awaken maybe an hour later.

Claire: Oh, wha- what happened?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: As soon as I'm conscious, everything that I've got on me, like my instrument and my sword and everything, I rip off and I'm just like standing up looking for some way out. Immediately. And it's not like a like comical -like I am legit freaking the fuck out.

Becca: All right, I'm going to strength check against him again. Try to get this boy restrained and calm down.

Corrine: [Laughing] Okay. Go for it. So Brendan's like naked or?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: No! I mean I've got my clothes on, but like, it's like, you know how like if you're freaking out and you've got like,

Kyle: Mhm.

Victoria: I don't know, like a jacket on or something and you're having a panic attack, you don't want that on you?

Kyle: Mhm

Corrine: Yeah, yeah

Victoria: It's like that.

Becca: All right, I got to 17 on my strength, I'm --got his hands by his side trying to get him to calm down.

Bernan: [muttering] Let go of -let go of me! Let go of me, you're -

Sindre: Eyes on me!

Bernan: Muttering: Let go of me! Let go of me!

Sindre: Eyes on me

Corrine: [Laughing]

Sindre: Everything's gonna be fine.

Victoria: I kick him. I kick him!

Becca: Don't kick me!

Kyle: Kiss comes over and, uh, hugs you again. [Laughing]

Becca: Is that like, uh, an attack roll?

Victoria: Yeah, I got an 11 so it's not going to do anything to you.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: That does not beat my armor class.

Victoria: but I am like -I do it several times.

Becca: That's fine. I'm just gonna keep your hands to your sides and just keep trying to get you to look in my steely eyes.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Sindre: Just calm down. Breathe.

Bernan: No, don't, don't -no I'm sss- [yelling now] I'm serious. I'm freaking out.

Sindre: Breathe! deep breaths.

Bernan: [yelling] No, you don't-

Sindre: [calmly] breathe in.

Bernan: [yelling] Wha-uh-wha You -you said it wouldn't even be any danger!

Sindre: Don't make me use charm person!

Kyle & Corrine: [Laughing]

Bernan: [yelling] I don't give a shit what you do!

BeccaL What's everybody else up to?

Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: I think this is trying to hug him again because he thinks that's a very effective tool.

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: Awwwwww

Becca: Hug squad!

Kyle: Yeah, we're just giving like a -make it a little Bernan sandwich.

Corrine: Make a hug check.

Kyle: Oh, it's a crit! [Laughing]

Becca: [Laughing] A hug check!

Victoria: I get overwhelmed and I go silent. I am just catatonic.

Kiss: Look, I did it! So I calmed him down!

Becca: I see the Kiss has things under control, so I'm -I'm gonna go check on Claire.

Corrine: Okay. So you walk over and help clear up. She still maybe on the ground from having fainted so early in the tunnel. And Clara, you stand up?

Alex: Yeah, stand up.

Sindre: You all good?

Claire: Yeah, just feel like it got a really bad hangover.

Corrine: [Laughing]

Sindre: Heh, You would know. So I guess we'll investigate the hole that Gomec fell through.

Corrine: Okay, sure.

Becca: Investigation. It's a 10.

Corrine: That's enough to tell that you guys are real high up in the air. You're on the upper 3/4ths of this room and as you kind of start to look around, you notice you're in a massive, massive, massive cavern. And it's not like the other caverns that you were in. There's sort of this pale orange, red, reddish-yellow glow coming through a moderately dense fog that's spread out throughout the room. But in certain parts you can see far enough to see that there are walls. You are inside. You are not outdoors. You guys are real high up. So Gomec fucking fell!

Becca: If I were to lean over the hole, would I be able to, uh, see down there and see where he's at?

Corrine: If you roll well enough? Sure.

Becca: And it's a 12.

Corrine: okay. I'll give you that. I mean, you see that Gomec's down there on the ground. You can see that he's on these kind of yellow, pale, white off-white kind of yellowish Bricks. I'm going to yell down to him, but not really because I've always hurts.

Corrine: Okay.

Becca: say, "Hey Buddy!"

Corrine, imitating Sindre: GOMEC?!

Corrine: No response, but he's down there.

Victoria: He's dead! [Laughing]

Corrine: [Laughing]

Becca: Oh, I have an idea! I'll send Freyja down there to go check on him!

Corrine: Okay!

Becca: Or she might die? That wouldn't be good.

Kyle: No...

Corrine: You do get a sense that this is a pretty dangerous place and actually, like, you kind of feel like there's stuff in the fog and you don't want to send Freyja out into that alone.

Becca: Good call.

Corrine: That's my advice. You can do what you want. It's your bird.

Becca: Well, yeah, I think, I think we're just gonna-

Corrine: But as you look down through this whole, you do see that Gomec's in kind of a courtyard of sorts. It's kind of hard to spot him at first because there's other armor around him and swords and items and loot, corpses.

Victoria: This sounds like Dark Souls!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: It's kind of like Dark Souls!

Becca: I was going to say it sounds like Alice In Wonderland! We fell down a hole and everything's bad!

Corrine: but you see they Gomec kind of in this courtyard/warrior graveyard down. there's a bunch of shit.

Becca: Awesome. I'm going to yell back down to him,

Sindre: We're coming for you buddy! Just -just hang in there!

Becca: and I guess we're going to regroup

Corrine: So everybody kind of stands up and gets together and-

Kyle: Yeah

Victoria: I'm not, I'm just standing there. I'm not responding to anything.

Kyle: Uh, I think I just firemen carry Bernan -or is it okay, does that work? [Laughing]

BecCorrine: That's solved our problems before!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: [Laughing] We can all just take turns carrying him around during this campaign.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing] Is somebody getting my stuff or are you all not having the foresight to do that?

Becca: I'll take the guy if you take the stuff. I don't want to carry a metal sword around and not be able to magic if I need to.

Kyle: Yeah. Got You. All right. I'll get this stuff then.

Becca: Toss him over my shoulder again.

Alex: Claire can carry something here too, so.

Becca: Oh yeah, Claire, why don't you carry the accordion or the...

Victoria: The thing!

Becca: The doodle-dee!

Victoria: [Laughing] Doodle-dee?!

Kyle: The squeezy box!

Becca: [Laughing] the squeezy-

Victoria: If it helps you guys, the instrument has the word Leadsetter painted on it.

Alex: Claire picks up the Leadsetter.

Becca: Fabulous.

Corrine: And everybody make a perception check.

Victoria: Can I get disadvantage on mine since I'm like-

Corrine: Yup!

Becca: oops!

Kyle: Ooh boy.

Becca: It's a 7.

Victoria: 5.

Kyle: I got a 9 [Laughing].

Becca: Well, we're all dead.

Alex: I got an 8.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: and we all died!

Corrine: I'll give you that you realize you're standing on clumps of Red Moss.

Becca: See I knew it was important.

Corrine: But it's not just moss, it's kind of condensed. It's almost like you notice it's a hybrid, almost of like stone and moss and a little flesh in there and it-

Victoria: Ew!

Corrine: -it's pretty firm. But also it feels like if you impact it too hard or if you strike it, it might, you know it's alive. So it might recoil a little bit and it might dump you off of this thing at any moment.

Kyle: So are we in a room? Are there like any exits visible?

Corrine: Oh, so I'll say that you're on a big rounded pillar. You're towards the sides of it. It kind of flares out at different points on this pillar and it does reach the ceiling. So you are in like a big Ole cavern at the center where the stock of this pillar is. There is a doorway.

Becca: Cool. I guess let's head that way.

Kyle: Yeah, let's go through that door.

Corrine: So as you walk into the door there's kind of a crude staircase, like it's real crappy. It's carved out of this moss and stone. You kind of trip a little bit as you're going down. It's like a seller. There's like an opening, but it's kind of a doorway into the ground, into this pillar and you enter a beige tiled room and it's kind of oddly sterile compared to all this chaos going on outside. You notice that there's some bones scattered around and up pops a skeleton.

Victoria: [laughing]

Corrine: So roll initiative.

Kyle: Ugh, Awesome.

Becca: As we're rolling, can I ask if our skull friend came with us?

Corrine: Yep.

Becca: Cool. Does it belong with the skeleton?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: Are you saying like can you piece it together with other skeletons to make a full skeleton?

Becca: No, I'm just asking, are we on a quest to return this skull to his body or whatever? Are there underlying motives for the skull?

Corrine: You rolled really well when you were investigating it, so I'm going to say this skull is not useless, and it might take, like, an Arcana check or some other type of investigation to figure out what it is. It's also not sentient. It's not like -it's not like it needs to be returned to its body. It was a, an actual skull, but it hasn't been revived or --no, no Necromancy has been used on it to revive it and give it sentience or make it so that it needs to be reunited with its other remains.

Becca: Hmm. Okay.

Victoria: Hmmmmmm

Corrine: So there's a skeleton.

Beca: Oh, initiative was 15

Victoria: 4

Kyle: 6

Alex: I also got a 6.

Becca: Are we at level 2 now?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: Yes. Oh, I forgot to mention that. I'm sorry. Yes. When you found the treasure, you leveled up.

Becca: Hurray!

Corrine: So I'll say that the skeleton has like a bloodstained dagger in its hand and that's it. It's just a, you know, skeleton with a dagger. So go ahead, Sindre.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: All right, y'all ready for this?

Kyle: DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN DUN! [dramatic music sound effect vocalizations]

Becca: I'm going to use wild shape.

Corrine: Hell yeah.

Victoria: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

Kyle: What are you turning into?

Becca: I'm going to turn into a big 'ole brown bear.

Victoria: Oh my gosh!

Kyle: Nice. You crank it up! [Laughing]

Corrine: Bernan, I think you need to make some kind of check.

Becca: [Laughing] Yeah, cause he's still on my shoulders, isn't he?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: Oh No.

Victoria: Yeah, are you putting me down?

Becca: I -I need to put him down.

Corrine: This is an odd psychedelic journey for Bernan in which this strange druid man holding him as he's in a catatonic state just morphs into a bear.

Becca: [Laughing] And now I'm a bear.

Victoria: Okay, so I got a 5.

Becca: Oh no!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: I got a 15 so Bernan will take disadvantage on any sort of, like, hits like attacks are ranged attacks cause he's scared.

Victoria: Mhm

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: There's a bear now. On top of all of this, there's a bear!

Kyle & Becca: [Laughing]

Victoria: second worst day of his life!

Becca: [Laughing] Wild shape for circle the moon - It's a bonus action.

Corrine: Okay, cool.

Victoria: Oh sweet.

Corrine: So you're going to swing?

Becca: Yeah, of course I'm going to swing! Run in there and slash at him with my claws!

Corrine: Let's do this.

Becca: [laughing] It's a nat 20!


Victoria: OH MY GOD!

Becca: Best first wild shape ever!

Kyle: [laughing]

Corrine: So roll damage on your claw attack.

Becca: Well, there's a 1, a 3, so that's 8 total.

Corrine: Okay, so then you do 16 points of damage.

Becca: Oh cause crit, yeah! In wild shape you can't talk, so Sindre just growls really loud and I think he's kind of surprised because I don't know that he knew he had this in him until just now.

Corrine & Victoria: [laughing]

Becca: He just kind of Hulked into a bear.

Kyle & Victoria: [laughing]

Becca: So is everyone familiar with Madagascar? He just kinda goes,

Sindre: ROAR![human saying the word, "roar" rather than an actual bear roar]

Kyle, Victoria, & Corrine: [Laughing]

Becca: and runs up in slashes this skeleton.

Corrine: So this skeleton -you just like tear through. I mean you're ripping through bone here.

Becca: Sweet.

Corrine: It's dead!

Becca: Oh!

Kyle: Oh!

Corrine: I mean it was dead, but it's dead.

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: You 1-hit it, you 1-shot it. And you notice on the far end there are some stairs leading even further down.

Becca: Well-

Kiss: That was fun! Let's keep going?

Becca: Sorry to spoil the combat, guys.

Corrine: 5 skeletons jump up. They get a surprise round on you.

Becca: Awwwww

Kyle: Oh...Shit.

Corrine: Including the 1 that you killed.

Becca: Oh, he's back. So he's probably angry.

Corrine: He's going to roll first. Got a 14 against armor class.

Becca: Yeah, that'll hit the bear.

Corrine: Okay.

Becca: It wouldn't hit Sindre, but it would hit the bear [Laughing]

Corrine: He does 3 damage.

Becca: Okay.

Corrine: Next, there's, uh, a pretty normal skeleton. It's going to make a ranged attack on Kiss.

Kyle: bring it on!

Corrine: 5 against armor class.

Alex: Watch out for his axe, dude!

Becca: [Laughing]

Kyle: He got a 5 [Laughing]

Corrine: So that does not hit I take it?

Kyle: No it does not.

Corrine: So this kind of, like, black ray shoots out of its hand as it points at you and this skeleton -you notice- is wearing a black robe. It just gleams off your bird chest. Your feathers kind of deflect it and nothing happens.

Kiss: Ah-hah!

Corrine: The next skeleton is wearing a metal helmet. It has a big Ole shield and it's going to rear back and punch it Bernan.

Victoria: Okay

Corrine: 2 against armor class?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm 11

Corrine: There's a pretty good gap between them and Bernan side steps it and it kind of fumbles back behind you and now it's behind you. So if you'd like to make an opportunity attack, Bernan, you can do that.

Victoria: You know, like, in anime where like the character with the glasses like -glasses' lens just like shines brightly and all of a sudden they're a bad ass?

Corrine: [Laughing] Yeah!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: I'm going to pull out my hand crossbow, which I had, like, kept hidden this whole time and I'm going to fire at the skeleton.

Corrine: Make a ranged attack

Victoria: 11

Corrine: 11 does not do it actually.

Victoria: So I'm still fucked up. I'm like that meme of Mr. Krabs where everything is spinning around him.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: [Laughing] The crossbow bolt actually just lands in this skeleton's shield as it spins around really quick and it embeds itself in a wooden shield. The next skeleton, it's got a rotten wooden club. It's got some nasty, nasty green mold on it, so you all be careful and it's going to swing at Claire!

Alex: My armor class is 11

Corrine: So it hits you. Let's see how much damage it does. Okay, make a constitution saving throw.

Alex: 9

Corrine: We'll say that's enough because this is just, like, nasty. You resist the poison mold that's growing on this thing -this nasty old thing and the club kind of slugs into you with the mush. It's, it's very rotten-

Victoria: Ew

Corrine: and it does 3 points of damage to you.

Alex: Eugh

Corrine: Moving on, finally. Okay. There's a skeleton with a bow and arrow. And the arrow, you kind of notice that the tip of his bone, which is kind of fucked up and it's going to shoot at the bear. Note Sindre, The Bear.

Kyle & Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: It is a natural 20.

Victoria: Oh No.

Corrine: So it's double damage. 6 damage.

Becca: Oh, okay that's not bad. With wild shape, I temporarily take on the animal's hit points.

Corrine: Right.

Becca: And so then when those points are depleted, I change back into person and I have person hit points.

Corrine: Oh cool. Okay.

Becca: So I'm, I'm not anywhere close to dying at this point.

Victoria: That makes 1 of us!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: Hah!

Corrine: Kiss?

Kyle: Yeah. I'm going to rage.

Victoria: Yes!

Corrine: Yeah!

Kyle: Feeling really, uh, cooped up for awhile.

Victoria: [Laughing]

Becca: A little caged?

Kyle: Yeah. Right? Rage is a barbarian mechanic. It just gives me some buffs, but when, uh, when Kiss rages, his head feather stand up like those angry parakeets and stuff

Becca & Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: And also, he can't really talk when he's raged. That is something I've decided, so uh, my head feathers raise up and I go

Kiss: [Squak!]

Corrine, Becca, & Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: and I charge the skeleton that shot the thing at me. The 1 had the robes on. 16!

Corrine: that'll do it.

Kyle: That is an 11 points of damage

Corrine: That kills this 1! So it sort of crumbles to the ground, it's black robes flowing and there's no more skeleton actually. So this 1 it's bones didn't just break and it didn't just fall down. It's like dust.

Kyle: Oh, okay.

Corrine: Next in the order is Claire.

Alex: I'm gonna use, uh, scorching ray.

Corrine: How many numbers of targets?

Alex: 3

Corrine: There are 4 skeletons left. You've got the dagger skeleton, you've got helmet, shield skeleton, wood skeleton, and bow and arrow skeleton. And they, they're all in range. So-

Alex: how much health does the 1 that hit me have?

Corrine: I believe they're all at full health

Alex: That 1 gest 2. The 1 with the dagger gets 2, too.

Corrine: You roll 1 D20 for a ranged spell attack.

Alex: 14

Corrine: That will do it for both of those guys: the club boy and the dagger boy

Alex: I get 2d6. That's a 6 and a 2.

Corrine: So we're going to say that 1 went to the poison guy, I'm guessing?

Alex: Yeah

Corrine: So that's 8 points of damage, kay.

Alex: A 4a and a 1, that's a 5.

Corrine: Okay, so overall you do 12 points of damage. That skeleton is just lit up and it does not have at the club anymore. You actually -the fireball passes through it and sort of dissipates as it hits it and the club has just gone. You, you incinerated it and it's standing there now instead of pale white, it's charred and black, but it standing. Barely, but it's standing.

Alex: Can I take this third 1 and just -and just end it?

Corrine: Yeah, I'll let you do that. Ranged spell attack.

Alex: 16

Corrine: yep, that'll do it.

Alex: 3.

Corrine: That'll do it. Alright. He's dead. So he falls to the ground, again, charred into dust. There's nothing left to this guy so he can not come back and surprise you. Next in the order is Bernan, you have a skeleton with a dagger. This creepy blood stained dagger and it's standing kind of in front of you. To your back is a skeleton with a shield and a metal helmet with no weapon. Then kind of back behind the skeleton with a dagger is a skeleton with a bow and arrow and that's it.

Victoria: Okay. So what I want to do is I want to aim my crossbow at the skeleton with the bow and arrow.

Corrine: Okay.

Victoria: And then I want to move away from the shield skeleton.

Victoria: 13

Corrine: 13 against the bow and arrow will hit

Victoria: 3!

Corrine: You successfully hit. Crossbow bolt hits this guy right square in the forehead

Victoria: and then I move away.

Corrine: So you step away from the skeleton with the shield. Next in the order we're back to Sindre.

Becca: I think I'm going to go after the shield guy and I'm just gonna go in with my claws again.

Corrine: Sure roll an attack

Becca: 18

Corrine: That'll hit roll damage

Becca: its 15

Corrine: Ow, okay.

Corrine: So this skeleton with the shield, as soon as your cloud touches it, it's dust.

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: You don't even make an impact. It just turns into dust, basically. This weird yellow flaky dust that just falls to the ground in a pile.

Victoria: Ew

Becca: Gross

Corrine: It's pretty gross. Bernan's grossed out. And I forgot to give Bernan disadvantage on his ranged attack throws but I'm going to say he broke through. When he turned into a badass anime character, he broke through his fear.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing] When he realized who the bear was.

Corrine: So next in the order are the skeletons. So, so far we've got a dagger Skelton and bow and arrow. The dagger skeleton's going to actually charge at Kiss and try and stab him. 13 against AC?

Kyle: Uh, no. Good.

Corrine: Okay, so you kind of sidestep him. You juke him a little bit and he just goes charging past you

Kyle: Nice!

Corrine: Since we only have 2 skeletons left, I'm going to shoot with the bow and arrow. Bernan just shot this guy. So he's going to shoot at Bernan. 8 against AC

Victoria: 11

Corrine: Cool. So he misses, the arrow bounces off the wall behind you actually and just kind of falls to the ground with a thud.

Victoria: I'm a weasley little boy.

Becca: He is tall and thin. He'd be hard to hit.

Victoria: Mhm

Corrine: It just goes like right between his arm and his body.

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: Like his armpit is where the arrow goes.

Corrine: Okay, next in the order is Kiss.

Kyle: I'm going to attack the guy that charged me.

Corrine: With your axe? Dagger skeleton?

Kyle: Call him Dag!

Corrine: 8 will not do it. Okay, next is Claire.

Alex: I wanna crush the dagger dudes' head in my jaw.

Becca: Ooooo

Corrine: [Laughing] Okay. You're biting him?!

Victoria: Nice.

Corrine: Oh my God.

Victoria: Fuck yeah!

Becca: Oooooooooo!

Kyle:[Laughing] you're a good wizard! [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: That's some wizardly magic right there!


Corrine: Alright, go. I don't. Roll uh -roll a regular attack. I guess a D20.

Kyle: This is my bite magic!

Alex: 13.

Corrine: That'll do it. Let's see, bite. I've got 1d6+1 so go ahead and roll a d6. So you killed that skeleton, you crush his skull in your teeth!

Becca: Sweet.

Corrine: This bloody nasty dagger falls to the ground, still bits of flesh flaking off of it. Your mouth is suddenly full of dust.

Claire: EWWWW!

Kyle, Becca, & Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: [emulates dry mouth sounds, as though choking on dust]

Corrine: Bernan, you're next!

Victoria: So all we have left as bow and arrow guy, right?

Corrine: Yup.

Victoria: I want to run at him and point blank shoot him in hopes of getting some sort of bonus.

Corrine: I'll give you a little bit of a bonus on your attack roll.

Victoria: Okay, yea. Well, fuck it. Um, I got a 2 so I probably fall on my face while making an attempt to [Laughing] to do this.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: [sadly] Oh

Corrine: You actually like start to run towards this guy and let out a little yell. This skeleton just kinda like shrugs a little bit as you trip over year on shoes.

Becca: [sadly] awww

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: I go,


Corrine: [Laughing] Oh you don't fall down, but it just kinda like - it's laughing at you a little bit under its breath. Next in the order is Sindre.

Becca: Well, I'm going to avenge my fallen friend and by fallen I mean tripped up. I got an 18.

Corrine: That'll do it.

Becca: I'm jumping in there.

Corrine: Sindre's a badass

Becca: and I guess I'm going to claw them again. So you got a 1, 3, that's 4 plus 4 it's 8!

Corrine: He crumbles to the ground.

Becca: Great!

Corrine: His white, bone arrows fall from the quiver and land in the ground with a thud and a clack as he turns to dust.

Becca: Hurray!

Corrine: And you did it. Congratulations!

Becca: We win!

Bernan: I hate myself.

Claire: That was so cathartic.

Corrine: Do you guys want to make a perception check? I'm glad y'all got to kill something.

Victoria: I got a net 20 so lay it on me.

Corrine: Bernan finds 20 gold pieces in a sack in the corner of the room.

Kyle: Oh, nice.

Becca: [Laughing] Just hanging out.

Victoria: I leave it. It doesn't mean anything to me right now.

Corrine: [Laughing] You don't want to tell your friends that there's gold over there?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: I pick it up and I throw it at somebody

Alex: Claire catches

Becca: Claire can have it

Kyle: Kiss got a 14

Corrine: Kiss finds a small sack with about 5 gold pieces in it and a couple small gemstones.

Kyle: Hey, perfect!

Becca: I got a 9 perception. I find that I'm still a bear!

Kyle & Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: [Laughing] You are still a bear. You do notice the dagger on the ground and it's kinda like arcane looking and freaky and weird -weirdly carved, stained with blood. So if you want to, I'll let you pick that up.

Becca: I guess I'll and un-wildshape and I can do an arcana check on it.

Corrine: Sure.

Becca: People might be surprised that I'm suddenly a person again.

Claire: Oh Shit!

Sindre: Hey guys, what's up?

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: Oh that was you?

Becca: [Laughing] 18 on the arcana check.

Corrine: Okay. It is definitely enchanted with necrotic magic.

Becca: Sweet!

Corrine: And any sort of undead creature using it gets plus something to their attack.

Becca: Well I never know when I'll be undead.

Corrine: [Laughing] This is true at this rate!

Becca: Since I am a druid and we can't have metal, is the hilt metal or is it wooden?

Corrine: I'm going to say it's made a bone.

Becca: Yay! I'll pick it up.

Bernan: Ewwww

Becca: Stuff that in my pocket.

Corrine: So make sure you write that down on your character sheet. Everybody!

Becca: This week, since I'm not sick, I'm going to attempt an accent, so don't freak out on me.

Kyle: Cannot wait.

Becca: It's going to be real bad.

Kyle & Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: As your DM, I should say I'm feeling a little bit under the weather, so I'm going to try and not breathe through my mouth the entire time.

Becca: Oh No.

Corrine: So I'm sorry if the recording sounds like really breathy, but I'm a little congested. My throat's a little sore and I have to do a lot of talking now. So I took a dayquil and drank a redbull and I have water here, so I should be okay.

Becca: Woo-Woo!

Corrine: So you guys are all in a room full of dead skeletons and you picked up some stuff off of 'em. You just killed 5 skeletons that came up and attacked you. It's this tiled room. It's kind of weird. It's oddly sterile. Like it's not - I mean sure, there's like a bunch of dead stuff in it, but it's like not nearly the chaos of being outside in this area. quote unquote "outside" meaning outside the tower that you're in. And there is a small set of stairs leading down into what you can see is another similar room.

Victoria: Okay. I have an agenda.

Kyle: What's your agenda?

Victoria: Ya'll know Bernan's name, but I don't think that Bernan knows everybody else's name, right?

Corrine: He knows Gomec's.

Kyle: I think you know Kiss

Victoria: He knows Kiss because Kiss introduced himself so he doesn't know Sindre's from what I remember. Bernan turns to Sindre and he has like a very, embarrassed sort of looking face. Like his cheeks are very red. He kind of shifts his weight from foot to foot for a second and he says,

Bernan: [Clears throat] Um listen. Uh, earlier I said some things that were really rude and um, I cussed that you and I was not nice and I wanted to apologize for that.

Sindre: Um. Alright. Thanks?

Bernan: Great. Okay, so you!

Victoria: and then he turns to Claire

Claire: [unintelligible vocalization]

Bernan: ma'am, can I, uh, can I please have my in-i-i-instrument back please?

Claire: Uh, is that what you call this thing?

Corrine: [Laughing]

Claire: Uh. Here.

Alex: She hands it.

Bernan: Okay. So he takes it back and puts it on and kind of wiggles around like he looks a lot more comfortable now that it's back. And he says

Bernan: thank you.

Victoria: And he turns to Kiss and he says,

Bernan: So can I have my sword back too please? I promise I won't throw it again.

Kiss: Why, Of course!

Kyle: I just toss it.

Victoria: Oh No! Do you really?

Kyle: Yeah. [Laughing]

Corrine: Make a athletic save.

Victoria: Ugh, dear God.

Kyle & Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: It's sheathed, right? or is it like open-blade?

Becca: [Laughing] Oh No.

Victoria: Yeah, is it -does it have a sheath on it?

Corrine: No. No Sheath.

Kyle: Oh, okay. Nevermind. I don't do that. Nevermind. Sorry. Retcon.[Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: I'm not going to like have it [Laughing] stab Bernan.

Kyle: Slice his hand off? [Laughing] Yeah.

Corrine: but I'm just saying as far as like catching the sword goes and not letting it fall to the ground.

Victoria: Okay. So I got a 17.

Corrine: Alright. You catch it, you catch it just fine. It's actually pretty impressive to the group because Bernan does not look like the type to catch a big sword-

Kyle: [Laughing] Yeah

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: -but at the same time he wears that a -that "thing" strapped to his body all the time. So it must give him kind of a good workout and he's, he's pretty athletic.

Kiss: Nice athletic, skinny boy!

Bernan: Thank you, Big Bird!

Alex: [Laughing]

Kiss: Why thank you!

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: As I said, when Kiss found the sword inside of the chest, there is some draconic writing on this sword and it's kind of across the blade carved into it. It's not crude, it's very masterful, but it's like inlaid into the blade of the sword.

Victoria: So Bernan looks at it and he looks at Claire,

Bernan: Miss. Pardon? Pardon my -my assumptions here, but uh, do you know how to, you know, you, you know how to read Draconic?

Claire: Well, of course! I am a dragon.

Bernan: Could you translate, possibly, this sword for me?

Claire: Yeah, sure.

Alex: Uh. What does it say?

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: So Claire looks at the sword.

Alex: Yeah, I do that.

Corrine: She reads it out loud in common. Inscribed on the blade are the words, "The Performer"

Claire: Yeah. It says the performer. I totally knew that!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: and that's it.

Victoria: Ugh, I was expecting it to be like instructions on how to get out of this hell hole. [Laughing]

Kyle, Corrine, & Alex: [Laughing]

Becca: Sindre's gonna cautiously approach Bernan and put a hand on his shoulder. Try to get his attention a little bit.

Sindre: Uh, excuse me. Are you, are you all right?

Bernan: [sighs] I'm not having the best day. We'll put it that way.

Sindre: Are you going to freak out again?

Kyle & Corrine: [Laughing]

Bernan: Probably most definitely 100%. Definitely, yes.

Sindre: As long as you're honest that is fine. I just wanted to know. I need to be prepared for these sorts of things.

Bernan: Hey, did you hit your head coming down? Cause you sound a little different.

Becca: Oh shut up!

Victoria, Kyle, & Corrine: [Laughing]

Kiss: Well I say we keep moving because these bone people are scary.

Corrine: [Laughing]

Claire: And no -Nobody freak out.

Bernan: Oh, I'm gonna freak out.

Claire: Oh nah no it's okay just -just. Try and just try. To don't do that.

Bernan: My whole life is trying to don't do that.

Alex: [Laughing]

Claire: Well, A for effort!

Becca: So I guess we go down the steps?

Corrine: Sounds good. You guys walk down the stairs and it's a room that's just about as big, very similar setup. It's got tiles, you've got lots and lots of bones scattered across the ground. Except this time there aren't any, like, clearly defined skeletons. They're kind of just like scattered across with clothes and crumpled stuff and crushed up bones and everybody roll a perception check.

Kyle: Ooh, that's a 21!

Victoria: ooh baby!

Kyle: Like wow

Becca: it's 20!

Victoria: I got a 20 after modifiers. Dang, we see everything!

Alex: I rolled a 9.

Corrine: So everybody but Claire sees this. I'm going to say like you enter straight down into this room and there are 4 walls. It's a square box. On the left end in the wall is a giant skull. It's the same color as the tile and it's sort of embedded in the wall.

Kyle: [Laughing] Hoh-Oh boy!

Corrine: It actually kind of moves it's jaw a little bit as you walk in the room.

Victoria: Eugh!

Corine: you should roll initiative.

Victoria: Ahh!

Becca: Cool.

Victoria: I'm trying to decide if Bernan screams at this or if he's okay for now.

Alex: 14

Kyle: Kiss got a 9

Becca: One of us should let Claire know what's happening if she didn't see it

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: [Laughing] "SKULL!"

Becca: 4

Victoria: I -I got a 7.

Corrine: So leading the order will be the skull. He's going to kinda open its mouth a little bit and as this is happening, roll 1 more perception check everyone.

Alex: 18

Victoria: 17

Becca: 16

Kyle: 10

Corrine: So everybody sees this, the skeletons missing 5 teeth

Becca: Oh

Corrine: kind of in a row, alternating from bottom, top, bottom, top, moving from left to right.

Victoria: [gasps]

Corrine: As it opens its mouth, a glow emanates from inside and it shoots magic missiles at you-

Victoria: Oh great!

Corrine: and there's no save here. Uh, it's just the dart. Kiss, Sindre, and Claire.

Bernan: Hah-hah!

Corrine: Claire takes 2 and Sindre and Kiss take 5.

Kyle: Oh my goodness.

Victoria: Bernan screams

Bernan: Ahh!

Corrine: Next in the order is Claire.

Alex Magic missile is level 1, right?

Corrine: Sure.

Alex Alright, Yeah, I'm going to use that mother on the Skelly

Corrine: So you can roll damage. Magic missiles just hit.

Alex Oh, okay, so a 4, a 2 and a 4. So 10 damage.

Corrine: I just pictured Claire like waving her finger around in a circle and that's like all she does to some magic missile. These 3 missiles -3 glowing blue missiles emanate from nowhere and launch over at the skull and hit in successive order and nothing really happens. The skull looks unfazed. Next in the order as Kiss.

Kyle: Okay, I'm going to force its jaw closed.

Corrine: So you're going to run up to this thing?

Kyle: Run up to the thing and then see if I can just keep its mouth closed so everyone can like wail on it while I'm maybe keeping the spells inside?

Corrine & Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: You can run up to it and you're going to make a strength contest against the skull.

Kyle: Pretty good at that. Well that's a 9.

Corrine: It got to 16 so you try and force the skull's jaw. It just forces it open. You know, jaws are pretty strong, especially a jaw this big. Maybe this called belonged to like some kind of behemoth.

Kyle: Oh, Okay, so it's like a real skull?

Corrine: You do notice this skull is actually made of bone.

Victoria: A real-ass skull.

Corrine: and Kiss, from this vantage point, do another perception check

Kyle: Oh, that's a 20.

Corrine: You actually see, kind of sitting right under the jaw of the skull in the mess of stuff on the floor, a black tooth about the size of the skull's jaws. As in it would fit within the skull's jaws has not a tooth as big as the jaw.

Kyle: Oh, Okay, that'd be terrifying.

Corrine: It would.

Kiss: I pick it up and I turn to the rest of them and say,

Kiss: What is this?!

Kyle: Cause, uh, I don't have teeth so I don't know them very well.

Corrine: [Laughing] Oh I love that.

Bernan: [Yelling] It's a tooth!

Kiss: What is a tooth?!

Bernan: It's a too -it goes in your mouth!

Kiss: Uh, what?!

Sindre: Oh God.

Bernan: It go- it go i-i-it. Put it in the skull!

Corrine: Bernon is next in the order.

Victoria: Okay. Bernan's getting his mage hand and start-

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: -flinging around debris to look for another tooth.

Corrine: Okay. Roll a perception check.

Victoria: 8

Corrine: You find nothing.

Becca: Wah-wah

Victoria: Well, good.

Corrine: You kind of just fling some bones around and like maybe some lands on Claire's Sandals. And she's like,

Claire: Eh-why? What'd -why? Why those are designer!

Victoria: [Laughing] So I'm going to use a bonus action. I'm going to actually do the bard thing and be a real bard. So I'm going to use bardic inspiration. It says I can inspire others through stirring words or music and I use a bonus action on my turn to choose a creature other than myself within 60 feet who can hear me. That creature gains 1 bardic inspiration die a D6.

Kyle: oh wow.

Victoria: Once within the next 10 minutes they can roll the die and add the number to any ability check, attack roll, or saving throw. And you can wait until after you roll the D20 to decide, but you have to do it before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Yeah, I'm picking Kiss.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: I'm going to inspire him to learn how to put the, the tooth in the skull.

Kyle: Well you did tell me to do that. So I think my next action will be doing that.

Corrine: I think that Kiss can just put the tooth in the skull.

Victoria: Is Kiss going to be smart enough?

Corrine: Yeah, that doesn't take a roll.

Victoria: Well, I was going to sing a funny song about what a skull is and how the tooth goes in it, BUT since you took the wind out of those sails, I'll just-

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: oh! we can retcon this shit and pretend I didn't say anything.

Victoria: Nope.

Kyle: [singing] The head bone's connected to the tooth bone.

Victoria: [Laughing] [singing] The tooth is a thing that you chew with.

Kiss: Oh, I understand now!

Corrine: [singing] The skull's going to kill you if you're not careful.

Victoria: [Laughing]

Becca: We can sing the song later when we're teaching Kiss all about the beauty of being a person.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: Yeah. There's all sorts of squishy parts to us! I'm not going to play a song right now. I'm, I'm going to use my words again.

Bernan: Live no evil, live on evil!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Victoria: and you can just mull over what that might possibly mean

Victoria: but maybe you feel a little bit bolder.

Kyle: [Laughing] into it. I like it.

Becca: do I need to make a roll of if I comprehend that or not?

Corrine: No.

Becca: Cool

Corrine: Sindre is oddly inspired by the poetry of the words, even though Sindre likely does not understand.

Becca: Fabulous

Kyle: [Laughing] Into it, I like it.

Becca: He's a smart boy, he-

Corrine: Sindre's like "what?! See No evil, do no evil?!

Victoria: [Laughing]

Kyle: [Laughing] For some reason that make you feel really good!

Becca: So looking around the room, what all did we perceive again? There's debris?

Corrine: There's debris, there's clothing, different colored stuff like cracked bones and all sorts of junk.

Becca: I have the cantrip produce flame and I kinda just want to light a bunch of piles of debris on fire and see if we find some teeth.

Victoria: Fuck yes.

Corrine: [Laughing] I love that. I love it.

Victoria: Fuck Yes! [Laughing]

Becca: Do I need to roll against a pile of debris?

Corrine: No, it doesn't have an armor class. So uh, I'll just say you can go in and light it up and you light up a couple piles.

Becca: If I spin really fast. Can I do like some, some fire circle stuff?

Kyle, Victoria, & Corrine: [Laughing]

Corrine: Yes, uh, I'm going to say

Kyle: Sindre used fire spin.

Corrine: Sindre uses fire spin. Unfortunately I think that now Claire and Bernan have to make a DEX save to not get hit by this fire.

Becca: Oh, I am sorry.

Victoria: Dexterity is my specialty. Well I got a 9!

Alex: 15.

Corrine: Okay, so Claire doesn't take any damage and Bernan will take 2 points of damage.

Becca: Sweet, you just get a little singed.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: A little singe, your eyebrows, get singed a little bit.

Victoria: Bernan should be afraid of fire cause he's probably coated in flammable materials

Becca: I mean, it was just a little singe!

Victoria: toasty.

Corrine: So you burned some piles of debris and sure enough you find a green tooth.

Becca: Awesome. I'm going to go pick up the green tooth.

Corrine: Next in the order is the skull and it's going to sort of cackle a little bit,

Skull: heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh

Corrine: and shoot another magic missile.

Kyle: [Laughing] Oh boy.

Corrine: Shooting all 3 at our friend Kiss.

Becca: Oh no!

Kiss: Bring it on, Mr Boney Behemoth!

Kyle: not very good at comebacks

Victoria & Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: 8 damage. You're so close to the skull, it kinda just Kisses you with this magic missile.

Becca: Well, with a name like Kiss!

Kyle: Owie-Zowie!

Corrine: And next in the order is Claire.

Alex: Are there any more visible teeth?

Corrine: Nope!

Alex: Can I do perception check for them?

Corrine: Sure.

[Sound of die hitting the table followed by silence and the sound of a second die hitting the table followed by a pause]

Alex: 17

Corrine: Did you roll twice?

Victoria: I heard 2 rolls!

Alex: Yeah, I did, but it was interfered.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: Alright, I'll believe you this time, but be careful.


Alex Well, I mean it was like a 15 before. So if you want to give me a 15 you can, but.

Corrine: [skeptical] Alright. Within 1 of these burned piles of crap on the ground, you see a bright white shining tooth to the far end of the room, the very far end, directly across from the stairs that you entered.

Alex: Great, yeah then I'm going to use mage hand to pick up that tooth and put it in our boney friend's mouth.

Corrine: Okay, awesome. Where?

Alex I'm gonna put it in the second bottom. In the middle.

Corrine: Okay, cool. Next in the order will be Kiss.

Kyle: Alright. I'm gonna slam that bad boy. Alright, I'm gonna put it right next to his, to the right. And uh, did anything happened or is that just it?

Corrine: Nope, you put the tooth in, it fits. It doesn't fit very well, but it, it fits, you know, it'll sit in there.

Kyle: Hm. I was like, I'm going to move away so I don't get blasted again.

Corrine: So you kind of retreat back to the entryway where your party is?

Kyle: Yeah.

Corrine: You guys can also hide in the stairwell.

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: You could be behind cover.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: I'm just saying.

Becca: Neh

Corrine: Just for future reference, I don't want anyone to die. I mean, I do, but I don't. Next in the order will be Bernan.

Victoria: I want to do a perception check on the room to see if I see anything that might allude to a pattern for the colors of the teeth.

Corrine: Okay.

Victoria: That'll be a 19.

Corrine: So you don't see anything that alludes to any sort of pattern with the teeth, but you do look down as you're pondering and kind of glancing around the room and you see a little flash of red in a pile towards the stairs.

Corrine: I reached for that with a mage hand

Corrine: and you pick it up and sure enough it's a red tooth

Victoria: Okay, so I -I send it across the room with the mage hand to shove it in the skull.

Corrine: Where you put it? I'm going to put it in the top left slot.

Corrine: Okay. This 1 actually, it doesn't fit in there. It's not going to stay in, you know it's on the upper jaw so it just kind of falls out and hits the floor.

Victoria: If I were to like retreat for cover, is it a choice between attempting again and retreating?

Corrine: Nope. You can still move.

Victoria: I'm going to try the bottom left and then book it maybe with the tooth in tow if it doesn't go in.

Corrine: Your mage hand kind of bumps the bottom left and again, nothing happens. You can't get the tooth in there. It's too narrow of a gap for this tooth.

Victoria: Okay. The mage hand brings the tooth to me while I run and hide?

Corrine: Sure. Next in the order is Sindre

Becca: I'm gonna do a perception check, I guess, to see if there are any more visible teeth.

Corrine: Okay.

Becca: And it is 17

Corrine: Sure. With that you actually look down and right between your feet, not quite on fire-

Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: a yellow tooth sitting in a pile of debris.

Becca: So I guess I'll lean down and pick that up. And I have 2 teeth now.

Corrine: And the ones in your hands!

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: But, I just have 1 in my hand

Victoria: [exaggerated laughing]

Corrine: It's a joke about the teeth in your mouth.

Victoria: HAH!

Kyle: Yeah, you don't [Laughing]

Becca: Oh, okay.

Corrine: Sorry. That was really bad.

Becca: I'm going to be a big boy and I'm going to run across the room because I don't have that mage hand business and I'm just going to shove -I'm going to put yellow on the top right.

Corrine: Okay.

Becca: Does that stick?

Corrine: You Jam it in there real hard and because the gap is kind of small between these teeth, again it fits but not great. Not Great.

Becca: Okay.

Victoria: Hmmmm

Becca: Then I guess I'm just going to take some heat from those magic missiles.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Corrine: You can try the other 1 too if you want.

Becca: Oh. Um, I'll put green on the other top. Top left.

Corrine: That's great! [Laughing] So this tooth fits perfectly in its slot.

Becca: Awesome.

Corrine: I'm talking, it just slides right in there and it actually glows for a split second and then turns kind of off white.

Becca: Oooh

Corrine: The same color of the skull is and fades in with the rest of the teeth and you can't even tell that there was a gap there.

Kyle: Oh, okay! [Laughing]

Becca: I'm going to turn around to the rest of the group who's very smartly hiding

Alex: Except for Claire

Becca: from this giant skull and I'm gonna say,

Sindre: guys, I did it!

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: Only Bernan's hiding.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Becca: Oh

Victoria: [Laughing] True to his nature!

Becca: We have black, white, green, red, yellow and green is good.

Corrine: So next in the order is the skull. It's gonna shoot 3 magic missiles right at Sindre.

Becca: Awesome brace for impact.

Corrine: You take 9 points of damage.

Becca: Alright!

Corrine: and then Claire, it's your turn

Alex: Okay, are all the teeth up there at this point or are there more missing?

Corrine: Nope. You got 5 teeth, well 4 now and there are now 4 gaps.

Kyle: Mhm

Corrine: Everybody make an insight check.

Victoria: 18

Alex: Got a 15

Kyle: [Laughing] 5

Becca: 9

Corrine: So Claire, you actually kind of have a little flash of memory. You remember something from your last battle with the skeletons.

Alex: Mhm

Corrine: You remembered that the skeleton with the bow and arrow with the white bone tip is the skeleton you killed last.

Becca: Mmmmmmm

Corrine: And Bernan, likewise, you remember that the skeleton with the blood stained red dagger

Kyle: Mmmm

Corrine: is the skeleton that you killed second to last.

Kyle: Okay.

Claire: Hey guys, I just remembered something!

Alex: and then

All: [Laughing]

Alex: Then she's going to use mage hand on the white 1 and move it to the far right.

Corrine: I guess with mage hand you kind of punch out the the black tooth that's sitting in the far right, right now.

Alex: Mhm

Corrine: And you plop that white 1 in there and it sits perfectly again. It turns sort of the same off-white color as the rest of the skull and you've got 2 teeth solved!

Claire: Ah, yeah! The white 1 was the last 1 -the last skeleton I killed! What color did you kill first?

Alex: It's probably over simplistic but I feel like in case someone doesn't get it.

Kyle & Becca: [Laughing]

Corrine: So next in the order will be Kiss.

Bernan: Kiss, the red 1 goes in the top right!

Kiss: The red 1 goes in the top right!

Kyle: I do that. I run over. Can you -Are you throwing me the Red One?

Corrine: You can either run up to Bernan and then grab the tooth and then run up to the skull and then you're stuck up there with the skull or you can run up to the skull and make an athletics check to try and catch the tooth is Bernan and throws it at you. Then you can retreat from the skull.

Kyle: Uh, I like the second one cause it sounds way more hard.

Victoria: Bad Ass.

Kyle: So I'm doing that.

Corrine: Okay. Make an athletics check!

Kyle: and I got a plus 4 in athletics

Victoria: Hitting the bird gym

Kyle: 16

Corrine: You run up to the skull and Bernan instinctively underhand tosses you this red tooth and it actually flies right by Sindre's face as you reach out and catch it 1 handed. It's sort of like the matrix but Sindre kind of ducks back a little bit to avoid getting hit in the face with the red tooth.

Kyle: [Laughing] Yeah, let me slam it in the -next to the white 1.

Corrine: So you slam dunk that shit and it gets right in the tooth hole and it turns normal.

Kyle: FYI, I put my tongue out like Jordan when I slam that tooth.

Victoria: [Laughing]

Corrine: Sweet! Next in the order would be Bernan.

Becca: I'm showing the, the only 2 that are missing are the middle bottom and the bottom left.

Victoria: I have discerned that I think that the ones that are left are black and yellow.

Kyle: Yes.

Victoria: Who has the yellow tooth?

Becca: I do.

Victoria: So I picked up the black tooth was my mage hand and I put it in the bottom left.

Corrine: Okay. Uh, nothing happens.

Victoria: Do I have enough time to put it in the other 1? Sure. Okay. So I put it, I move it over 1.

Corrine: Alright! It works! So you put all the teeth in there. Uh, we solve this mess of a puzzle. Y'all cleaned up the mess on the floor with some fire and all of the teeth in the order that you killed the skeletons, black, green, yellow, red, white, are now in the skull. And they now are the same color as the rest of the skull. The skulls jaw kind of drops down open then slowly reanimates and it whispers,

Skull: Turn around!

[Theme Music Begins Playing]

Victoria: Oh no!

Corrine: The entire tower that you're in rotates. You actually feel it turn 90 degrees.

Becca: Listen, I didn't like the haunted mansion the first time I rode it.

Kyle: [Laughing]

Bernan: It feels like the wiles keeps getting taller!

Becca & Kyle: [Laughing]

Skull No.

Kyle: Oh!

Skull: Not at all...

[Theme Music Continues]

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[Theme Music Fades]